Monday, February 15, 2010

Love Hurts

Dear my sweet car,

Thank you so much for saving my life, and being the strong little bugger that I knew you were. I'm sorry you had to go like this. You held up your side of our bargain. No car will ever live up to your standards in personality and charm. I will always remember how you loved weather so much and refused me heat and air conditioning. It's fitting that you should end in the snow upside-down, rolling over like a little puppy. And who will ever forget your one red mirror that I always felt was winking at me, that's now missing in the great pile of snow. I know your still alive in there somewhere. Maybe if you're fixed you will become just a summer car.

Love You.

It's ironic that the first song I hear when I get in the new car is obviously Stayin' Alive. I dedicate it now to you old buddy.

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Karen O said...

OMG what happened!? Are you ok?