Thursday, October 17, 2013

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t any time to avoid the pot flowing down. The color is inconsistent with the body.
As for the purchase of pots, the water is not flowing, and the home brewing tea has a rogue condition, which is because the tension betwChina Purple Clay Teapoteen the water and the tea soup is inconsistent. If tea slag blocks the flow hole, the runny will be more serious.
How to distinguish the purple clay teapot mud?
Some inferior muds on the market usually use ordinary colored clay (pottery) soil. If the color is mixed after crushing, the grain structure Yixing Purple Clay Teapot Setis lacking, and the texture of the original ore purple sand mineral is lacking. The cross-sectional structure is also very single. Purple Clay Teapot With InfuserFully phased, Handmade Ceramic Teapotthere is no uneven state of the sand particles of the puCheap Ceramic Teapotsrple sand.
The advantages and disadvantages of purple sand muAuthentic Purple Clay Teapotd are mainly reflected in the above characteristics. After soaking, the grain texture is round and full, and the sand is rich. The double pores ensure the permeability of the purple sandware and the relative thermal insulation properties