Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I'm from a small town, meaning there is a lot of 'sale parties.' It's as if they need a reason to get together by buying shitty things at very high prices. Yes, I've been invited to them all, and have refused to RSVP. Everything from candle, tupperware, jewelry, knickknack, pure-romance, and the newest one is called Uppercase Living, they sell decorative "expressions." But when I saw this invitation I died a little inside. WHY, oh why do suburban mom's think it's so stylish to have their living room say "live, laugh, love"? gross. gross.

This bush one is probably my favorite. WTF. HAHA. Oh get a real plant.
Sorry Cousin but there is absolutely no way I would go to this.

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terese said...

worthy of a suburbia-sized upchuck.