Saturday, November 29, 2008


Hawaii Loves Ice Cream

So my dad and I went parasailing and I gave my camera to some lady on the boat to take a picture of us while we were up.
This is the picture she took. Brilliant!


kannan said...

Beautiful scenery

Unknown said...

I just LOVE Maui! Right now, I'm at home, and there's nothing but SNOW outside... bleh... I'd so much rather be in Maui!

What a bummer that they didn't get a good pic of your parasailing! Parasailing is definitely on my wish list for my next trip to Maui!


If you or any of your readers would be interested in seeing more Maui vacation photos/scenery etc., or would like to read up on my personal Maui experiences, feel free to check out my site! :)

Jordan Kay said...

hi sami wanna be blog friends?