Wednesday, September 24, 2008


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china clay teapot said...

hat is patina?
As the name suggests, patina is a term used in the antique industry, also known as black lacquer ancient, or ancient times. The so-called patina is the vicissitude layer left over from thChina Purple Clay Teapote antiquities for a long time. It is exactly the erosion layer similYixing Purple Clay Teapot SetPurple Clay Teapot With Infuserar to dirt. It is the surfacHandmade Ceramic Teapote of the teapot due to air oxidation, tea drenching, frictional contact, and the player's hand.
After a long period of time, such as Capricorn and inclusions, a layer of compound gradually formed after a long period of baptisCheap Ceramic Teapotsm makes the teapot have a sense of natural subtlety, subtlety, quietness, warmness and jade. sense.
How long does it take out the patina?
Generally speaking, as long as it is a traditional technology of the original mining of the teapot, soak a pot every day, good to raise, a week can be slightly different, to a month or so, the surface of the pot will be moist, to about two months, the pot The balAuthentic Purple Clay Teapotdness of the body that is moist and sacred is fully revealed,