Saturday, April 19, 2008


I opened the back door today to find a woodpecker just laying on the step. It freaked me out. If I hadn't looked down I probably would have stepped on the poor thing. It startled me so much that I closed the door and was even considering walking all the way around the house out through the front just to avoid seeing him. I have never been comfortable with death, not people, or animals/amphibians, or whatever. But then I thought about it. I shouldn't be scared of him. He's just a bird, and a gorgeous one, who just happened to have an unfortunate encounter with the window. Why is it in our culture we are soo uncomfortable with death. or it is just me? I envy those cultures that celebrate death, even people who are able to be around it on a daily basis. So to get over it, I got up close and personal with him and took a picture.

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