Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I just went to Marian Bantjes lecture at the Walker. Her work is pretty amazing and intricate, so much so it seems a little redundant. I think if i tried to accomplish something like the way she works, i might drive myself crazy. Her line-work and typography is so precise and complex you really have to listen to her talk to believe it. New goal in life: to have just as much dedication on my own work.

Marian Bantjes
Sugar 2008
For Stefan Sagmeister

If you were unable to witness any of the lectures at the Walker, definitely check out there remarkable archive collection. I had been told by several people to see the lecture by Daniel Eatoch. I was brought up so many times and I wrote it down on a countless amount of post-it-nots. Forgetfulness is a curse. But then thanks to the wonderful Kevin Shaw, I recieved an e-mail containing the link. and it was so easy to click that I ended up watching it and a few others. And all I have to say is 'you need to see it.' If you have not visited the walker archives you definitely should they really have some good stuff in there.

The lectures are a great opportunity to get a little insight to the life of designers and the walker usually has pretty entertaining artists. More entertaining then the fine art lectures at MCAD (cough). Sorry fine artists, but almost all of lectures that are not design that I have been to (granted they have only been at MCAD) are uninspiring, dull and monotone. I'm not saying that there are not some good fine art lectures out there. I just haven't been fortunate enough to witness them. If you know of any... please broaden my view on lectures. But as of now, I am seeing a distinct divide in design and art lectures that really shouldn't be there.

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