Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This is a glimpse of a book I made for print, paper, book. The rest of the book will most likely be posted at a later date. This particular image is a screen print of a newspaper artical on my grandfather fishing from many years ago. It's seems to fit in perfectly with our next project... The ART SHANTY projects.

The article reads:
Of late, an early morning or evening motorist can expect to see Little Detroit Lake aglow with the lanterns of many fishermen who make the daily journey to the lake for panfish.

A group of Minneapolis area sportsmen were found Wednesday afternoon on Little Detroit trying their luck.

Kae Nelson of New Hope said he and his party have had good luck since coming to Detroit Lakes Monday. Using waxworms, they've managed to pull a number of sunfish out of the lake.

Seated on a five-gallon bucket, Nelson is the position of leisure as he gently jigs the line which dangles into the icy waters of Little Detroit.

"We like to come to Detroit Lakes for fishing," said Nelson. "there are usually some good sized fish and you can't beat the taste," he added.

Like Nelson and his fishing party, most success has been had with waxworms for panfish. Sucker minnows of 3-4 inch length have proven their worth when going after the northern and walleye, said a Walther's Tackle employee.

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