Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ellen Kooi::Photographer

Veer-Atlas, 2007, Ellen Kooi

Amersfoort-Visvrouwen 1998, Ellen Kooi

I was introduced to Ellen Kooi's work in 2005 and have followed it for a while. This Dutch Photographer is known for her romanticism and awe inspiring landscapes that seem to envelope her characters. Her photo's seem simple and clear but are pact with energy. The mind boggles. See more of her photography at her website www.ellenkooi.nl

Sibilini-Rim, 2006, Ellen Kooi

Her images remind me of the long bus rides I was forced to take home from school and seeing colorful fields of whatever. I dreaded the bus, all I wanted to do was jump out the window,into what would most likely resemble her photography.

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